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How does the advisor help clients – Key Takeaways:

Growth Technology Partners is a top-rated financial advisor that specializes in providing expert guidance and advisory services to clients. With a strong focus on delivering personalized and innovative solutions, Growth Technology Partners is committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals and grow their wealth.

  • Growth Technology Partners offers a wide range of financial services, including investment management, financial planning, retirement planning, and wealth management.
  • The firm works with individuals, families, and businesses of all sizes, providing tailored solutions to address their unique financial needs.
  • Growth Technology Partners has a team of highly experienced and qualified financial advisors who are equipped with the necessary expertise and knowledge to assist clients in making informed financial decisions.

Facts and Insights

Founded in 2007, Growth Technology Partners has been in business for over 14 years, providing exceptional financial services to clients. With a team of over 50 advisors, the firm manages over $2 billion in assets under management. Growth Technology Partners has received recognition for its excellent track record and has been listed as one of the top investment advisory firms by leading publications such as Barron’s and Forbes.

Assets Under Management, Number of Advisors and Time in Business:

Assets Under Management Number of Advisors Time in Business
$2 billion 50+ 14+ years

Financial Services Offered

Growth Technology Partners offers a comprehensive range of financial services to help clients achieve their financial goals. These services include:

  • Investment Management: The firm helps clients with portfolio management, asset allocation, and investment strategies to grow their wealth.
  • Financial Planning: Growth Technology Partners creates personalized financial plans for clients, taking into consideration their financial goals, risk tolerance, and timeline.
  • Retirement Planning: The firm assists clients in planning for a secure and comfortable retirement by helping them with retirement income planning, investment strategies, and tax planning.
  • Wealth Management: Growth Technology Partners provides a holistic approach to managing clients’ wealth, taking into account their entire financial picture.

Client Types

Growth Technology Partners serves a diverse clientele, including individuals, families, and businesses. The firm works with clients of all income levels, from individuals with modest means to high-net-worth individuals and institutions.

Fees & Compensation

Growth Technology Partners charges fees based on a percentage of assets under management. This fee structure aligns the firm’s interests with those of its clients, as the advisors’ compensation is linked to the performance of clients’ investments. This incentivizes the firm to make sound investment decisions that are in the best interest of clients.


Growth Technology Partners was founded by a team of seasoned financial professionals who wanted to provide clients with personalized and comprehensive financial solutions. The firm’s advisors have a vast knowledge of the financial markets and are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. Growth Technology Partners is committed to delivering exceptional service and building long-lasting relationships with its clients.

Financial Advisor Disclosures to Know

When working with a financial advisor, it is essential to understand their background and any potential conflicts of interest. Growth Technology Partners adheres to strict ethical standards and fully discloses any potential conflicts of interest to clients. The firm operates under a fiduciary duty, meaning that advisors must act in the best interest of their clients at all times. This ensures that clients’ needs and interests are the top priority in all financial decisions made by the firm.

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